What do YOUR customers hear on the phone when they're in.....
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       Phones ringing off the hook is a great problem to have. And sometimes we have to place our valued customers on hold.
When we do, what do they hear? Nothing? ("I wonder if they forgot about me?")
The radio? Without paying a BMI or ASCAP 
      licensing fee for using the radio as an on-hold source, this could lead to a substantial fine.
Plus, do you really want to take the chance that your caller will hear a commercial from one of your competitors?
    Or have them hear a style of music that doesn't fit your client base?

        With a personalized on-hold message from The Hold Zone, your customers hear exactly what you want them to hear.
You can give them driving directions...provide hours of operation....
advertise current specials....the only limit is your imagination!  And we have a substantial license-free music library,
with over 10,000 different LEGAL music beds in every style imaginable.

       When you do place your customers on hold, make sure that what they're hearing is a message of your choosing.
Make sure they have a pleasant, informative experience in... The Hold Zone!  

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