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    Why can't I just play the radio, or hook up an MP3 player, and play THAT on the phone?  

The easy answer is, it's illegal. ASCAP and BMI require payment of a licensing fee
            for using intellectual property as a promotional tool.

Plus, our research indicates that if you use a popular song in conjunction
with a message, the average listener will "tune in" to the song and not hear anything you say.
We have a substantial music library with over 10,000 cuts of royalty-free music at our disposal.
Which means you can choose EXACTLY the right style of music that your client base can relate to. 

    How do I get this thing to play back on my phone system? 

 Most contemporary phone systems have a built-in "on hold message" player.
You can typically download the message right in your office, or we can do it remotely.

If you have an older system,
it will likely have a jack marked "EXT" or "HOLD" which facilitates connecting an external player.
We can provide the player for you at an additional cost...

it's completely digital (no moving parts to wear out)
and loading the message is as simple as inserting a flash drive.

We've also installed on-hold messages using a standard
portable CD player. A local real estate title company has one that's been running

24/7 for the last 3 years without a hiccup.
Then the message gets burned to a CD. Put the disc in, hit "play" and "repeat," and you're done.
Provide us the model number of your particular phone system, and we'll do the research to make
installation completely trouble-free. 

     Who do you use for voice talent? 

Allan Blackwell provides the male voice talent, and Lisa Dillingham provides the female voice talent.
These are voices you've probably  heard on both national and local level commercials.
We have a combined experience of over 50 years in the voice-over business,
and can provide EXACTLY the quality of voice recording that fits your business.

     What if I want to be on my own on-hold message?

  No problem! Local customers (Colorado Springs and vicinity)
can make an appointment to come by the studio and record the  elements.
If you're in another market, the best bet is to secure some time with the production department at your favorite
local radio station, and have them e-mail us an MP3 file. We'll take it from there.

      What sort of equipment do you use to make these messages? 

Short answer....top-notch gear.
The same stuff that is used to make hit songs! TheHoldZone is a subsidiary of Southwest Recording Service,
specializing in every facet of audio production. If you're REALLY a gear-head, check out our other web page
at www.southwestrecording.com . The equipment list is here:  https://southwestrecording.com/equipment/   
And by the way, if you'd like award-winning audio production or a custom jingle at a surprisingly affordable price,
we have you covered there as well.   Here's a spot demo .     And a jingle demo


       For the sake of continuity, can you also do my auto-attendant prompts?   

Absolutely!!! In fact, that's a great idea.
We do these on a per-project cost basis, so be sure to ask us about it.   

       Who writes the message?  

Typically, the client provides a rough draft, we'll do the finish work and,
upon your approval, go into actual production.
An average 5-minute on hold message will have 8 to 10 segments of announcer,
with the music running under the entirety of the production. Best results are achieved
when we work together on your message.

      What's this going to cost?  

One voice, message length of up to 5 minutes, $125. Add a second voice for another $50,
for a total of $175. The advantage to using two voices is that the variety makes it easier to listen to
for extended periods of time. 

      What's your policy on revisions?  

Modern digital recording technology means that revisions are a lot easier
than they used to be. If you have a one-paragraph change, for instance, we can usually effect that change for around $60.
(Price varies according to complexity of the change.) This also makes it easier to do multiple
versions of your message to run during promotional periods, without the expense of a completely new message.  

      What's your average turnaround time?  

From copy approval to finished product is typically 24 hours or less. We don't like to keep YOU on hold!

            Convinced? Fantastic! Drop us a line at allan@southwestrecording.com ,
             or give us a call at (719) 633-7335, and let's see what we can do for your customers in...The Hold Zone!!!